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The Glinda the Good Witch of Pittsburg, KS

Just a month ago her shop was a series of small, dimly lit rooms. Even then though, Jessi instilled a sense of sunshine into every corner. Looking through merchandise was like rifling through a favorite aunts craft room. Each shelf had its own selection of treasures, from jewelry and herbs to pottery and essential oils. Her new location, however, is a vastly different experience. Saturday June 8th marked the Grand Re-Opening of her store, Down to Earth.

The maze of rooms has been replaced by a large, airy space that now comfortably fits a wide array of products. It’s bright, open and has the effect of making one smile the moment they walk inside. Much like its owner, Jessi Brown.

When asked how the idea for her store was born, she replied saying that she’s been unknowingly preparing for it her entire life. Much of her initial inventory came straight from her personal craft room, “Why in the world would I buy 50 of these? I needed two! And I had ALL kinds of things, so apparently I’ve been preparing for this for a while. It’s all just kind of a culmination of things that I dabble in.”

Before deciding to open her shop, Jessi Brown was a special education teacher for 13 years. Like many of our local educators though, she felt spread too thin. That’s when she decided to pour her energy into other hobbies. That growing list of hobbies includes art, aromatherapy, cooking, homeopathy, and CBD.

Her inventory is a reflection of those hobbies and, as such, includes bulk herbs and spices, DIY dropper and rollerball bottles, seeds, adaptogens, specialty food items, and an impressive display of CBD products. Also a lover of local artists, Jessi’s inventory includes books, pottery and jewelry handcrafted by people in the area.

Her location also includes a fully licensed kitchen where she plans to offer quick salads, wraps and sandwiches for those who want healthier options on-the-go, “On this side of town if you don’t bring your lunch, you get fast food or fast food.” If you follow the Down to Earth Facebook or Instagram page you’ll have seen some of her mouth-watering creations yourself. Jessi seems to have that innate urge to feed or nourish people.

That urge is, arguably, her most powerful gift. I won’t lie, the moment I met her I got major “Glinda the Good Witch” vibes. Anyone that walks into her store gets greeted with a bright smile and a series of questions. She’s genuinely curious about people and always looking for ways to help people improve their lives. So whether you’re looking for herbs, art or even just a friendly conversation, you should definitely visit Down to Earth at 2525 North Broadway across from Dillons in Pittsburg, KS.

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