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Next, Service Contract

Submit your information and let's discover if our goals align. 

This helps me understand which services fit your needs and what the next steps need to be.

We'll email or book a call, then we'll make it official!

This outlines the details of our work together and establishes SOPs that make BOTH of our lives a lot easier.

Once the contract is signed, the actual work can begin!

Marble Surface

The Service Contract


1. My policies

2. The timeline and any milestones

3. Scope of the project

4. Fees and fee structures

Service Agreement

Cue furious typing noises...



               *click*         *click*   


Sit back and relax

This is the part where you get to focus on other things. 

Feel free to relax knowing that I've got your project under control. 

We may have project milestones that we've agreed to communicate about, but other than that I'll only be in touch if I have questions.

Work, work, work

This is when I deliver finished products to you! 

If we've decided to develop a long-term working relationship, then this will be just one of MANY celebrations. 

                   *clink * clink*

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