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5 Reasons You Need to Hire a Copywriter

No, Don Draper won't be lounging around your office in one of those sharp suits (darn). But hiring a copywriter will save you lots of time and several headaches.

Whether you're just building a small website to raise awareness for local issues or if you're trying to establish a vast brand presence to sell merchandise, odds are pretty good you could use a copywriter.

It's so easy to let those types of tasks slide too. Email templates, bios, social media posts, and the list goes on and on! On one hand, they seem like the kinds of tasks you might be able to accomplish yourself. I mean, how hard could it be to write a couple lines for the Homepage of your website?

Surprisingly hard! That's why copywriters exist.

Having someone in your corner who can accurately convey your message to a particular audience can be the difference between having a thriving online presence and...disappearing.

Honestly, the list of reasons why you should hire a copywriter is far longer than this. But these, in my opinion, are the top 5 reasons why YOU need to hire a copywriter.

1. Copywriters Save You Time

Creating copy can be incredibly time consuming, and depending on the type of content you need...the work might literally be never ending. Now that might sound like a nightmare to you, but to a copywriter that's business as usual.

Good copywriters are masters of juggling three or four projects (sometimes five or six) at any one time. Personally, I sometimes have clients who need me to create social media posts for every day of the week. I also schedule out blog posts, newsletters, podcast scripts, and probably several other projects.

The point is that copywriters will take all of those tasks off your hands so that you can focus on anything and everything else.

2. Copywriters Understand the "Art of Conversation"

We've all seen lines like, "Don't wait, buy now!" Just by reading this you can practically hear a cheesy salesman screaming at you. Maybe these kinds of lines worked in the past, but today they feel aggressive and disingenuous.

Copywriters understand how to write something that doesn't feel like a sales pitch. People are constantly bombarded with advertisements and messages and they learn to tune a lot of it out. But when they come across something that really speaks to them and feels conversational, they connect with it.

Most importantly, they remember it.

3. Copywriters Will Keep You Relevant Because They Understand Trends

All those Baby Yoda memes have you scratching your head? I've seen so many companies jumping on the trend wagon, and I can't blame them (sometimes it's pretty funny). But it's really easy to tell which companies actually get it and which ones...don't.

It's a copywriters job to create content that's relevant and that speaks to what people are going through right NOW. Not being in on trends is like being at a party and everyone is part of a hilarious inside joke...except for you.

Hire a copywriter and your business won't ever seem like it's out of the loop again.

4. Grammar, Grammar, and More Grammar

For a lot of people, grammar is the first task that comes to mind when they try to imagine just what a copywriter does. However, someone who goes through all your writing and corrects the grammar is called, you guessed it, a grammar editor (or a copy editor). Luckily, a lot of copywriters provide that as an additional service (I do!).

But what it mainly means is that you shouldn't ever have to worry about a copywriter creating content that has any grammar or punctuation errors. Those types of mistakes will immediately make a person or business look very unprofessional. That's because people EXPECT for things to be proof-read before being published.

Any copywriter worth their salt knows to deliver error-free content. That's their job!

5. Good Copy Helps Rank Your Site on Google

Ranking highly on Google is more than just plugging SEO keywords in here and there (although that's important too). It's also about the intent of your writing. And the more actual writing your website has on it, the more opportunities for the little Google web-crawlers to find your content. And if Google can't find your website, it's safe to say that no one else will either.

Just Hire a Copywriter Already!

If you're still unsure, then just agree to one short monthly retainer. If you're not happy with the services after that then you can both happily part ways. On the other hand, if you find that your life is easier and your business is thriving, you can extend your retainer to ensure that you'll be working together for a while.

Seriously, once you hire a good copywriter you'll wonder how you ever managed without one.

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