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Blogs + Articles

Blogs/articles are my favorite type of content. I'm comfortable writing big personality blogs or thoroughly researched technical articles. As a semi-retired University English instructor, I'm no stranger to doing my homework.

Whether you need a long-term writer, something short-term, or even just 1 or 2 pieces -- I'm ready to help you grow your brands personality.

Having some type of blog on your website is a great way for clients to find your website, for them to get to know your brand, and to regularly engage with current customers. It's all about growing a community that supports your business and generates sales.

Web Copy

I love partnering with brands who want to communicate their story. Don't know what your story is? Let me help you design a voice that speaks to your customers or other businesses. 

This service can include product descriptions, bios, mission statements, tag lines, company core values, email templates and more.

Feel free to email me to request samples of my work. Much of my work is behind-the-scenes and as such, my name isn't always attached to it. Additional writing samples and references can be provided upon request. 


I offer basic grammar + clarity editing along with full-concept editing. So whether you just need another set of eyes on a document or if you need to completely restructure and take a document back to the drawing board, I'm qualified for both. 


Are you diving into the world of video content or podcasts, and have no idea what to say? Maybe you have a public speech coming up, but extemporaneous speaking has never been your strong suit. Whether you're trying to put together a commercial script or just a public speech, let me help you put together dialogue that sounds natural and professional. 

As an additional service, I also offer Speech Consultations. These are 1-hour time slots where, through video chat, we can practice your script together. This is a great way to work through nerves and make sure you're communicating the dialogue clearly and effectively. 


Have a project that doesn't necessarily fall under ANY of these categories. How exciting! Contact me for a free consultation and let's talk about options. 

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