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I help grow communities, increase engagement, and boost conversions with copy. YOU can experience these results too.

Let's connect and manifest your goals—you deserve to be heard!

You CAN get results with copy, but...

Conversion rates are low, engagement is non-existent, emails have zero click-throughs, etc. After spending so much time and energy with nothing to show for it, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

I've seen it happen over and over again, and honestly—I LOVE solving these problems

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Hi, I’m Hannah

I help individuals and businesses create a positive impact with a combination of storytelling, sales psychology, and by genuinely giving a crap. With my background (college English teacher, sales, and once upon a time even a performer), I understand the importance of getting your message across.

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Erin | Marketing Strategist

I've brought her on to write for countless projects now and her output is always the best of the best. She's always on time, always on-brand, and will always go the extra mile. Hannah's been a breath of fresh air to work with. Her way with words makes my job easy and my clients, ecstatic. Whether it's finding the perfect 3 words for a tagline or writing an entire web page, I would highly recommend Hannah for your project!

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wHAT dO yOU gET?

Email copy, web pages, blogs — Oh MY!

My service packages are designed to get results. Whether you're eyeing my blog, sales page, or email packages, they're each created with specific results in mind (traffic, conversions, education, etc.). Let me know what result you're looking for and I'll steer you towards the solution.

Matt Williams | Winemaker | Founder 

Hannah came highly referred by a trusted friend and leader in e-commerce. Second, she showed a high degree of curiosity about the wine industry from our first conversation. Our initial conversation was full of questions and topics that she came prepared with...resulting in a road map for our blog that is both entertaining and educational. The blog has been a great addition to our services and a great resource for our marketing efforts.

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Generally, I book services 4-6 weeks in advance. The sooner we connect, the sooner you'll start seeing results! 

APPLY NOW and let's find out if we're a perfect fit.

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